Grill 41 Bar Interior Design Ottawa, Ontario

Susan Firestone Design Associates recently worked with Grill 41 to facilitate their interior design makeover with a fresh new look for their bar and lounge area, main restaurant and private dining room. Grill 41 was named in recognition of the year 1941 when the iconic Lord Elgin Hotel was built in downtown Ottawa, within which the restaurant is centrally located. Grill 41 decided to punctuate their tremendous success with a new fresh look for 2019.

At SFDA, our goal was to create a modernized atmosphere with colourful accents that would entice and welcome the restaurant’s various patrons. This project had to be accomplished with minimal renovations to limit the time the restaurant would have to be shut down for business. We successfully achieved the overall desired affect by updating the lighting, the carpet, the paint, recovering the seating and adding decorative features throughout the space. Grill 41 evolved to the perfect backdrop for guests to enjoy the fine, classic menu, while connecting with new and familiar faces.

Lighting Sets the Mood for any Interior 
Grill 41 Bar Lighting Interior Design Ottawa, Ontario

Bar Area, Grill 41 in Ottawa featuring Six Large Scale Light Fixtures

Lighting can go a long way to transform the ambience of interior settings with a fresh new perspective. For this project, we ganged six large scale light fixtures, by Crate&Barrel, together to create the impression of one large chandelier for the bar area, depicted in the image above. We complimented and enhanced this lighting arrangement by way of reflection with a wall of antiqued bronze mirrored tiles, provided by local Ottawa supplier Euro Tile & Stone. White Carrara marble mosaic floor tiles in a herring bone pattern from Cegress Tiles were added to the lounge and bar to add a pop of luxury and brightness. Brass and glass pendants were added over at the bar for sparkle and to highlight the new Carrera marble bar tops, shown in the image below. Under counter LED lighting strategically illuminates the plush cobalt blue bar stools, which strikingly contrast against the dark wood and marble accents of the bar. The vibrant electric blue splash of colour, is also echoed in the in the dining area.

Grill 41 Bar Lights Interior Design Ottawa, Ontario

New Under Counter LED Lighting at Grill 41 Bar

Contrasting Colours Breathe Life into a Room

The contrast of rich blues paired with warm wood tones carries into the dining room with a new high-performance solution-dyed carpet supplied by Shaw Commercial Carpets displayed in the image below. The silver highlights of the new carpet compliment the various blue hues, injecting a splash of glamour, which is further accented with new upholstery for the dining room chairs and banquets, revitalizing the entire space. Six large scale bistro chandeliers, by Restoration Hardware, were added to maximize the illumination of the dining area during the day, dimming for a relaxed dining ambiance in the evenings.

Grill 41 Restaurant Interior Design Ottawa, Ontario

New Solution-Dyed Carpet in Restaurant area for Grill 41

The overall effect of these relatively minor renovations was to infuse a breath of brightness and modernity that is sure to attract the attention of patrons old and new, perhaps best summed up by words of Neil Mathers, Executive Chef at Grill 41, “Great job, we love it!”

If you are an Ottawa area restauranteur or bar owner looking for a fresh interior design to spark new life and interest in your establishment, we’d love to hear what you have in mind and how Susan Firestone Design Associates can bring your vision to fruition.