Susan Firestone Design Associates

We have the talent, skills and experience needed to translate your ideas into incredibly exciting, beautiful and timeless interiors.

Susan Firestone, SFDA Principal

Susan Firestone
For three decades, I have helped many people bring their design ideas from conception to reality. It is a pleasure to be a part of the creative process of the design world and so rewarding to share in the excitement with my clients, as their projects are completed and they begin to enjoy their wonderful spaces. Products and design trends are constantly evolving, sparking fresh ideas and new concepts to explore. My extensive travels around the world have exposed me to all the latest and greatest designs in the industry, keeping me on the cutting edge of creativity.


Each design project we undertake is carefully planned from initial consultation with our clients to concept development and approval. Detailed working drawings are produced for accuracy throughout the construction process. Impressive feature walls become the highlight of each site line, with varied textures and interesting materials considered for depth and atmosphere. Dramatic lighting adds the ability to set the appropriate mood to each space we create. The best available materials from a vast resource of suppliers, artisans and craftsman are paired with the right high quality tradesmen for each project. Experience the thrill of watching your vision come to life as we deliver furnishings and accessories customized personally to suit your lifestyle and your needs.

It is a joy to work with you (and both Murray) and I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity in our life. Life is exciting and we look forward to each of the creative stages.

Sandy Ages
Ottawa Homeowner

Susan’s vast experience really shows in her understanding of all the aspects of construction and her ability to work with and understand the various trades on our project.

Noah Firestone
Luxe Bistro

I had the pleasure of working with Susan on numerous projects. She is creative, practical and delivered beautiful results every time.

Simon Nehme
Ramada Ottawa on the Rideau

I really enjoy working with Susan. Her execution is flawless. The result is a harmonious mix of contemporary and classic style which truly enhances our home..

Riva Levitan
Ottawa Home Owner

In 2016, we took on an enormous renovation plan for the Lord Elgin. Susan, along with her assistant Gisel, worked diligently on the designs and then were here to support us during the construction phase which, as you can imagine, was lengthy. Without Susan and Gisel we would most certainly not have achieved our time lines, or the end result, which was exactly what our business was looking for… success!

David Smythe
Lord Elgin Hotel